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Brisel_1Representatives of the SEE Heritage members Gjirokastra Conservation and Development Organization (Albania), health Expeditio (Montenegro) and Suburbium (Serbia), illness the CHwB Regional Office in Pristina, viagra and SEE Heritage Secretary, took part in the People to people (P2P) study tour in Brussels (Belgium) on 29 March - 1 April 2011. The meeting was organized by the European Commission, DG Enlargement.

The aim of the study tour was to introduce to the participants the EU policies and programmes related to cultural heritage, and to offer them exchange and networking opportunities among themselves and with other European-level civil society organisations active in this field.

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ECF (European Cultural Foundation) announced Collaboration Grants fund for transnational, cross-sectoral activities by independent cultural and artistic organisations working together or with organisations from other sectors. The main applicant needs to be a cultural organisation based in Europe, while partner applicants can work in sectors outside the cultural field, in Europe.

ECF regards the ideal 'collaboration' as one that brings a renewed understanding of Europe to people of all backgrounds, and inspires them to regard the world's future as a shared enterprise. We particularly admire efforts that are daring, different and challenge the status quo. The average award funded is €15,000 with the maximum being €30,000. For more information, visit


logo-11-NEW-ONEOn March 11, 2011, 11 museums across the western Balkans - all members of the Balkan Museum network initiated by CHwB (Culture Heritage without Borders), will open exhibitions on the same theme, '1+1:Life & Love'.

The exhibitions are a celebration of the rich shared heritage of the region and the simple universal values that unite us all. All the museums are different; some are big nationals in major cities and some are small historic houses on the edge of small towns. For each of them, Life and Love means something different - a cry from the heart, an expression of joy, an intimate moment, a joke, a song, a landscape .. essential things that unite us all.

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"Notar" - Centre for Preservation and Presentation of Kotor Documentary Heritage designed and started the implementation of the project aimed at establishing the Central Maritime Catalogue of Montenegro. The Catalogue actually contains an electronic (online) database about the library, shop archival and partly also museum material of the Montenegrin State related to maritime affairs. The electronic catalogue is a part of the pilot-project which will be realized in more stages.

The Catalogue is envisaged as a cooperative electronic catalogue where all the owners of the maritime records from Montenegro can enter their data. Its data base consists of three distinctive parts: library material, archival material and museum material.

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gjirokastra-mDuring a two week period in this upcoming spring, sovaldi 35 students and young professionals from around the Balkans will gather in one of the most astonishing UNESCO protected cultural sites in the Region, cure the World Heritage City of Gjirokastra, to participate in what has become a prominent activity in this field for South Eastern Europe. .
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The UK based foundation, see Headley Trust, will support the activities of the SEE Heritage network Secretariat in the period of 2 years. The HT Board agreed to give institutional support to the Secretariat with an aim to enable efficient work of the SEE Heritage network and to contribute to more successful work & fulfillment of the missions of its members, contributing to protection and promotion of the cultural heritage in the region.

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Partnership project "Civil Society Engagement in community building through the understanding, viagra development, management and preservation of the built cultural heritage of the Western Balkans CSEinHeritage" started to be implemented by the EU and Western Balkan NGOs (most of them members of the SEE Heritage network): Transilvania Trust from Romania (project leader), Europa Nostra Netherlands, Cultural Heritage without Borders from Sweden, EXPEDITIO from Montenegro, Europa Nostra Serbia, and Emancipimi Civil Ma Ndryshe from Kosovo. .
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Comments and recommendations regarding the Plan for detail regulation of Petrovaradin Fortress in Novi Sad, here Serbia, sildenafil were sent to the relevant institutions/organizations by several NGOs working on protection of cultural heritage: SUBURBIUM (Petrovaradin, Serbia), Secretariat of the SEE Heritage Network and EXPEDITIO (Kotor, Montenegro) Cultural Heritage Without Borders (Regional office in Bosnia and Herzegovina), Europa Nostra Serbia and European movement in Serbia. .
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On April 23-25, viagra 2010, viagra sale the eighth meeting of the SEE Heritage Network was held in Rijeka, Croatia. The meeting was organized by the NGO Pro Torpedo - Association for the Promotion and Preservation of Industrial Heritage of Rijeka, which is one of the SEE Heritage Network members. The meeting focused on the theme of industrial heritage of Southeastern Europe and it was held in parallel with the Fourth International Conference on Industrial Heritage organized by Pro Torpedo.

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EC Ma Ndryshe is pleased to announce its newest publication "Prizren in Retrovisor", ask a comparative catalogue that offers a comparison among two Prizrens, case the old one, which is illustrated by the old photos placed left side, and the current view of the city, reflected by the photos from the same perspective of the corresponding photo in the left. All photos have short descriptions about the location, objects that are seen and values that are reflected. Descriptions are short because the photo comparison speaks itself. It speaks a lot, more than any word or phrase. .

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The South East European (SEE) Heritage network Secretariat
P.O. Box 85
85330 Kotor - Montenegro
phone: + 382 (0)32 302520
fax: + 382 (0)32 302521

The material displayed on the separate country pages has been prepared by:
Albanian Heritage Foundation
Bosnia and Herzegovina: CHwB Regional Office in Sarajevo
Kosovo: EC MA Ndryshe
Montenegro: EXPEDITIO and Notar
Serbia: Civic Association SUBURBIUM

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