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turn in heritage studiesWe are happy to launch an Open Call for participants for the Summer Seminar Towards a performative turn in heritage:Case of WWII Monuments and Memorials in Western Balkanswhich will take place in different locations in Serbia from 12-24th of September 2021. The Summer Seminar is organized in cooperation between University of Hildesheim (Germany), UNESCO Chair in Cultural Policy and Management of the University of Arts in Belgrade (Serbia), Europa Nostra Serbia and SEE Heritage Network and is funded by DAAD. 

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Kulturna stanica Svilara Novi SadThe first state-owned textile factory in Vojvodina, North province of Serbia, which was established in 1770, has continued its production – in the last three years it has been producing creative ideas and various cultural contents. 

The Cultural Station ‘Svilara’ is forming a network of eight cultural stations throughout Novi Sad, which has been launched as part of the project "Novi Sad - European Capital of Culture". These spaces (former factories, sports heritage, local communities and cultural centers), among which ‘Svilara’ was the first to open as a cultural station, have not only been physically renovated but have been made available to cultural facilities, including citizens, artisans and artists in creating new city toponyms. Cultural Station ‘Svilara’ is the station with the main topic — cultural heritage. 

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SEE Heritage is exceptionally concerned about the authority’s relation towards cultural heritage in the region. The situation in the whole SEE area has been rather alarming; there are many examples that are showing clear neglect and devastation of cultural heritage often described as a step towards space improvement, while it is all about investments in tempting locations.

One of SEE Heritage initiator, Professor Irina Subotic, is explaining in the interview what is happening in Belgrade and how huge and unstoppable these changes are.

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thetre.tiranaDespite the fact that the National Theatre in Tirana has entered the 7 Most Endangered 2020 list, regardless of the fact that a large group of citizens, artists and intellectuals are petitioning for the building to be saved, it was demolished at the dawn on Sunday 17 May.

The building itself was designed by Italian architect Giulio Bertè in 1939. It was situated at the very core of Tirana’s center and it was a part of the Historic Center, and therefore, the area as an ensemble had some (at least written) level of protection. Nevertheless, the Institute for the Monuments Protection and Ministry of Culture have not had any public reaction regarding the Theater. This does not come as a surprise since laws and terminology regarding protected areas are changing on a regular basis.

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7.most.endangered.2020SEE Heritage Network is please to share the Europa Nostra’s announcement of the 7 Most Endangered monuments and heritage sites in Europe for 2020.

Our network is especially pleased to see two nominees from member countries:

1. National Theatre of Albania in Tirana, Albania and 2. Belgrade Fortress and its Surroundings in Belgrade, Serbia

It is interesting that both sites have been threatened by debatable governments' decisions on possible construction investments. Luckily, in both countries these news shocked citizens and civil society. Soon a voice was raised against the announced changes that would do irreparable damage to these monuments. Much has been done to prevent potential damage. We hope that, in addition to all efforts, the publication of these two cultural assets on "the 7 Most Endangered monuments and heritage sites in Europe for 2020" list will greatly contribute to their continued preservation.

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chenWith catastrophic fires in Australia and global political uncertainty, this year did not start well, and it seems to us, SEE Heritage Network, that we humankind will have a lot work to do in this year. Probably many things and habits will have to be transformed, new behaviors implemented, yet there is no doubt that we need to unite in our efforts for better, safer, more rightful, more equal life on this incredible planet of ours that hosts us.

Therefore, even though it is still the very beginning of the year and the mood should be joyful, here is the full statement of Europa Nostra about using a cultural heritage as a weapon of war:

Europa Nostra: It is unacceptable to intentionally target cultural heritage as a weapon of war

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EN14Europa Nostra and the EIBInstitute announced 14 heritage sites shortlisted for the #7MostEndangered programme 2020.

Two of the projects that are listed are in SEE Heritage Network member countries, and both of them in the capital cities – Belgrade and Tirana.

This is the list of all 14 projects:

  1. National Theatre of Albania, Tirana, ALBANIA
  2. Karas – Traditional Wine Vessels, ARMENIA
  3. Khoranashat Monastery, Tavush Region, ARMENIA
  4. Castle Jezeří, Horní Jiřetín, CZECH REPUBLIC
  5. Tapiola Swimming Hall, Espoo, FINLAND
  6. Castle of Sammezzano, Tuscany, ITALY
  7. Archaeological Park of Sybaris, ITALY
  8. Ivicke House, Wassenaar, THE NETHERLANDS
  9. Y-block, Government Quarter, Oslo, NORWAY
  10. Szombierki Power Plant, Bytom, POLAND
  11. Belgrade Fortress and its surrounding, SERBIA
  12. Plečnik Stadium, Ljubljana, SLOVENIA
  13. Cuatro Caminos Metro Depot, Madrid, SPAIN
  14. Egyptian Halls, Glasgow, UNITED KINGDOM

We are only bringing to you Europa Nostra’s texts about projects of member countries

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lala earthland 1Earth is magical material – You can use it for construction, art, decoration, dance and play in many different way(s)!

During those 4 days there will be many different:






WORKSHOPS – every day 9-12 & 13-16h

Scenography for kindergarten made out of natural materials

Masks and dolls for kid’s theater play

Earthen wall.

And we can host 2-3 more workshops.

If you would like to suggest a WORKSHOP related to these topics (or something totally different, but using earth and/or other natural materials), please let us know by filling in the form by 1st of December 2019. You will get our answer by 15th of December.

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unnamedThe built environment has an enormous role in the way we live together in this world.
Today’s construction activities are extremely resource-intensive and harmful to the environment and our climate.

BASEhabitat invites built environment professionals to develop radically new ideas for dealing with today’s global challenges.

Join the new Postgraduate Degree – Become a builder of change


2nd Call: Sept 30 – Nov 08, 2019

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konavleThe registration for the 17th International Congress on Dry Stone, 2020 is now open! The congress with the dry stone walling workshop will be held from 2 to 4 October 2020 in Konavle, Croatia. The event is organised by association 4 GRADA DRAGODID on behalf of International Scientific Society for Dry Stone Interdisciplinary Study (S.P.S. / S.D.S.), with the local partners. 


Paper/poster theme submission deadline: February 29th 2020
Listener/workshop participant registering deadline: June 30th 2020
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