The 6th SEE Heritage Network meeting
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23-26 January 2009


Prizren, Kosovo


SEE Heritage network meeting & Workshop "Cultural Tourism and Local Economic Development"


The first part of this meeting was dedicated to the internal organizational matters of the Network, during which the member organizations discussed the legal, functionality and sustainability aspects of the Network. The member organizations have stressed the importance of strengthening the cross-border cooperation through joint activities that would be implemented under Network's umbrella, while creating strong basis for upcoming projects in cultural heritage field.

During the second part, a thematic workshop revealed and discussed the potential of cultural tourism and local development, as a common opportunity and need of many South East European cities and rural areas. The discussion was mainly focused on the city of Prizren and its potential to attract tourist through its rich cultural heritage, thus contributing to the local economic development of the city. In the workshop, participants had the opportunity to discuss cultural tourism and other related issues with the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports of Kosova, Mr. Valton Beqiri and the Mayor of Prizren, Mr. Ramadan Muja. The last part of the workshop brought two positive examples of civil society engagement in utilizing the cultural and heritage potential of Prizren and Kosova (restoration works of Cultural Heritage without Borders, office in Prishtina and DokuFest film festival).


- finalizing the Statute of the Network


NGO EC Ma Ndryshe from Prizren on behalf of the SEE Heritage network



MJAFT! Movement, from Albania,


CHwB, Regional office Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

EC MA NDRYSHE, from Kosovo,


SUBURBIUM, from Serbia,

EXPEDITIO from Montenegro,

NOTAR from Montenegro,

PROJEKTOR - Centre for Cultural Heritage, from Montenegro

PRO TORPEDO, from Croatia

CHwB, office in Prishtina


Swedish foundation "Cultural Heritage without Borders - CHwB" regional office in Sarajevo


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The South East European (SEE) Heritage network Secretariat
P.O. Box 85
85330 Kotor - Montenegro
phone: + 382 (0)32 302520
mobile:+ 381 (0)64 1989577
fax:     + 382 (0)32 302521

The material displayed on the separate country pages has been prepared by:
Albanian Heritage Foundation
Bosnia and Herzegovina: CHwB Regional Office in Sarajevo
Kosovo: EC MA Ndryshe
Montenegro: EXPEDITIO and Notar
Serbia: Civic Association SUBURBIUM

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