Belgrade SEE Heritage Network Board meeting 

date February 20, 2016
place Belgrade, Serbia
topic SEE Heritage Network Board Awakening – what is to be done

The meeting began on Saturday, 20 February, when all of the SEE Heritage Board members with SEEH secretary gathered in Belgrade and started to analyse present situation.

Since the Network had not been active for certain time, that reflected to the SEEH Board likewise. It is why this meeting was very important, to form and revive managing body. Nevertheless, time was limited and short. The gathering was sufficient only to start processes for Network’s awakening.

What was noticed was that certain transformations in the Network’s work and administration are going to be needed due to general changes in the region (political, social, economical...). It was perceived that certain Statute improvement should be considered, like the role of the Board and the role of the Assembly. Member organisations/individuals are certainly another thing that should be reconsidered.

The Network should also be careful about its goals toward member organisations, not to build its capacity as competing NGO. The focus should be on putting up competence in lobbing for mutual goals, as well as to find a way to join and strengthen NGOs, gain more member organisations...

More things that were opened were how the Network defines heritage, what should be the action plan for the next few years, what are strategic objectives...

Nevertheless, time was insufficient for this meeting. Due to the limited opportunities for discussion, not a lot of topics were concluded. However, it was agreed to perform a number of actions in the mean time. These assignments were divided among all the members of the meeting.

results Getting SEE Heritage Board in function after a long silent period
organisation SEE Heritage Network

Aleksandra Kapetanovic, EXPEDITIO, Board member

Dunja Vukovic, ZGODA, Board member

Hajrulla Ceku, EC MA NDRYSHE, Board member

Lejla Hadzic, CHwB Albania, Board member

Marijana Ivanova, SEE Heritage, Board member

Valetina Vujenic, OSMJEH ZENE, Board member

Visnja Kisic, Evropa Nostra Srbija, Board member

Milica Tanasijevic, SEE Heritage Secretary

donor The Headley Trust

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The South East European (SEE) Heritage network Secretariat
P.O. Box 85
85330 Kotor - Montenegro
phone: + 382 (0)32 302520
fax: + 382 (0)32 302521

The material displayed on the separate country pages has been prepared by:
Albanian Heritage Foundation
Bosnia and Herzegovina: CHwB Regional Office in Sarajevo
Kosovo: EC MA Ndryshe
Montenegro: EXPEDITIO and Notar
Serbia: Civic Association SUBURBIUM

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