A twelfth SEE Heritage Network meeting 

date July 03-05, 2015
place Cetinje, Montenegro
topic SEE Heritage Network meeting making new strategic planning for next 5-year time period

The meeting began on Friday evening, July 3d, when all participants gathered in Cetinje and started to represent organizations that they come from. All the presenters were given 10 minutes to introduce their colleagues with the work that they do and to answer questions that followed. Despite of exhaustion from journeys, participants were very curious to hear as much as possible about all organizations. The evening of introductions passed in interested atmosphere.

Next day started with the brief lecture of overview and current state of the Network. Marijana Ivanova, previous secretary of Network was talking about what was done during the last few years, and Milica Tanasijevic, current secretary explained what has been going on since January till present time.

Visnja Kisic, the moderator of the whole meeting continued with prepared programme:

One of the most important issues of the meeting followed – internal mapping. SWOT analyses were firstly done in four separated groups, and then joint questioning and examining pursued. The purpose of this part of the meeting was to build common understandings of the current state of the Network.

Second SWOT analyses took the place of the first one. The small group work stayed the same, with continuing mutual debate, only this time the purpose was to realize the current context on local, national, regional and international level and trends, and also to recognize opportunities and threats for the Network in those surroundings.

After examining strengths and weaknesses, relaxing exercise of 3 scenarios followed. It was also done in small groups, and each of the group made a pessimistic scenario, a real one and an optimistic setup. Even though this part of the meeting turned out to be witty, it also gave a better view on possibilities and risks that Network could face.

Saturday ended with guided tour through charming small town Cetinje, where cultural history, nature and people are dazing.  

The third day was dynamic, starting with good-morning wake-up exercises led by Tanja and Sandra from EXPEDITIO. After limbering of body muscles, mind stretching was on the list, again with the conductor – Visnja. The first part of the day was dedicated to SEE Heritage Network’s mission and vision in order to create a common vision and future directions for Network.

It was Aida Vezic who followed with presentation of the Balkan Museum Network, where she shared experiences, best practices… Participants of SEE Heritage Meeting were able to hear a lot about the structure and the way that Balkan Museum Network is functioning. This knowledge shared was highly useful and attention-grabbing.

Afterwards, focus went to SEE Heritage Network again. During many hours participants were debating about what should be done with the structure of the Network, what are the roles of Secretary, Board and Member Organizations. The atmosphere was highly vibrant, motivating and enthusiastic. Participants stayed long after the estimated time for the duration of the meeting. This meeting will also be remembered by several organizations that have shown desire to access the Network.

results Development of fresh strategic plan for the following 5-year period
organisation SEE Heritage Network with support of local partner EXPEDITIO


CHwB – Cultural Heritage without Borders, Bosnia and Herzegovina





EXPEDITIO, Montenegro,

NOTAR - Centre for preservation and presentation of Kotor documentary heritage, Montenegro


ARCH, Serbia

ADCT – Association for Development of Cultural Tourism, Albania


ZGODA, Croatia

OSMIJEH ŽENE, Bosnia and Herzegovina

SINERGIJA, Montenegro

REGIONAL COOPERATION COUNCIL (guest), office in Cetinje, Montenegro

BMN – Balkan Museum Network (guest), Bosnia and Herzegovina

donor The Headley Trust


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Supported by:




The South East European (SEE) Heritage network Secretariat
P.O. Box 85
85330 Kotor - Montenegro
phone: + 382 (0)32 302520
fax: + 382 (0)32 302521

The material displayed on the separate country pages has been prepared by:
Albanian Heritage Foundation
Bosnia and Herzegovina: CHwB Regional Office in Sarajevo
Kosovo: EC MA Ndryshe
Montenegro: EXPEDITIO and Notar
Serbia: Civic Association SUBURBIUM

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