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Regional Restoration Camps 10 years...

72 owners of Babameto 1st category in Gjirokastra have their monument restored now, and its providing income; Nesip Skenduli has a roof over the entrance gate so he can safely receive tourists; Wine Cellar of Shorko in Rogljevo is safe from rain, so he can continue producing and hosting wine lovers; Mills in Jajce are functional and are completing the complex; Site of Witness and Memory in Shkodra has new models on telling the story of a difficult past; Museum in Mitrovica has artefacts catalogued and conserved and can host more visitors; And we could spend days naming the fantastic work you all did in learning and contributing to preservation of our heritage.

So, its 10 years since we started with Regional Restoration Camps. Pushed, supported, guided by Andrew Shepherd, Dallandyshe Tabaku, Lan BajramiBesfort AxhanelaRand Eppich, Eleftheria Tsakanika, Bosse Lagerquist, Emin Riza, Enkeleida Goga, Alex Cantrill Bosiljka Tomasevic, Agron Doraci, Diana Walters, Annette Prior, Agron Haska, Arif Huso, Xhoxhi Fani, Dick Sandberg, Vladimir Poçi, Albert Kasi, Eugen Kallfani, Ajet Nallbani to name a few, YOU our 700+ participants have made a difference :-)

And all this with an endless and full support of Embassy of Sweden in TiranaThe_AADFThe Headley TrustEuropean Union in Albania.

Please come again and do more!

Regional Restoration Camps 2017

14th to 27th of May
Prishtina, Kosova - Conservation of Artefacts and Interpretation
Berat, Albania - Building Conservation and Interpretation

4th to 16th of June
Kruja, Albania - Historical Crafts and Entrepreneurship

9th to 21st of July
Shkodra, Albania - Dynamic Heritage Interpretation

24th September to 14th of October
Gjirokastra, Albania - Building Conservation and Interpretation

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The material displayed on the separate country pages has been prepared by:
Albanian Heritage Foundation
Bosnia and Herzegovina: CHwB Regional Office in Sarajevo
Kosovo: EC MA Ndryshe
Montenegro: EXPEDITIO and Notar
Serbia: Civic Association SUBURBIUM

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Hidden Spots of Novi Sad – Ivana Volic

In the complex of the Clinical Center of Vojvodina there is a small green wooden house not easy to spot. It used to be a home to Dr  Adolf Hempt...

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Prizren – Hajrulla Ceku

  Prizren is not only what is seen with eyes wide open. To understand Prizren accurately, two eyes are not enough. Prizren is not only beautiful houses with distinguished aesthetic features, but...

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Pag, a coast of my childhood – Dean

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Pag, a coast of my childhood – Dean

There is nothing as exciting, dear and secure as the coast of my childhood. Time spent on the island Pag probably formed me into a person I am today. That...

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