A thirteenth SEE Heritage Network meeting 

date December 09-11, 2016
place Tirana, Albania
topic Annual SEE Heritage Network meeting, finishing 2-years strategy and moving on to the next faze

The meeting began on Friday evening, December 9th, when most of the participants gathered in Tirana. Since most of the participants were rather tired due to long journeys, a brief official gathering was called. During that time Milica Tanasijevic, SEE Heritage secretary presented passed activities. What also was important to mention and explain was the Board meeting in Sarajevo held in October 2016. Participants were curious to know what were the results of gathering with Europa Nostra’s secretary general, Mrs Sneska Quaedvlieg-Mihailovic

After the introduction, a formal opening of the annual meeting was over. Even though not all participants arrived, gathering started with the usual good feelings and curiosities what had happened since the last SEE Heritage annual meeting. 

On the following day (Saturday, December 10th), all the participants arrived, and the meeting begun.

The first part of the meeting was dedicated to the usual presentations of the member organizations. Only this time, even though time was limited to 10 minutes, presenters kept talking longer since a lot of common questions connected to work of organizations appeared. This part of the meeting spontaneously turned into discussion about problems, needs and expectations of member organizations in their own work but also forward SEE Heritage network. These discussions prolonged throughout the rest of the day. Debates led to new ideas and decisions. Though creative, this exchange of ideas was draining for the members because it was so intensive and it lasted for several hours.

After the creative debate monitored by Aleksandra Kapetanovic and Hajrulla Ceku, a finalization of strategy for the next five years needed to be resumed. This part of the meeting was monitored by Visnja Kisic. Throughout enquiries, discussions and realizations of actual possibilities, new ideas occurred.

In the late afternoon, a 2-hour group visit to the Bunk Art was arranged, followed by tourist-tour spontaneously organized and lead by Mrs Armada Mola from ADCT. During the tour, meeting participants walked around the historic part of Tirana and visited the President Palace. The evening ended with mutual supper.

In the morning group continued with performances. Team work and brain storming are always productive way of work. That is why Visnja Kisic decided to divide participants into several groups with diverse assignments connected with strategy. Each team needed to investigate and evaluate certain actions of SEE Heritage in following years. After the teams brain-storming, members gathered again in a group and continued with joint analyses till lunch after which it was time for goodbyes.

Since there was a lack of time to finish all activities planned for this meeting, what was concluded was that work needs to be continued via emails. Also a proposal for new annual meeting was suggested for late April.


Developing actions to be ready for the European Year of Heritage 2018


SEE Heritage Network 



ADCT – Association for Development of Cultural Tourism, Albania

CHwB – Cultural Heritage without Borders, Albania

CHwB – Cultural Heritage without Borders, Bosnia and Herzegovina

CHwB – Cultural Heritage without Borders, Kosovo




EXPEDITIO, Montenegro

BAUO, Montenegro



ZGODA, Croatia

OSMIJEH ŽENE, Bosnia and Herzegovina

donor The Headley Trust

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The South East European (SEE) Heritage network Secretariat
P.O. Box 85
85330 Kotor - Montenegro
phone: + 382 (0)32 302520
mobile:+ 381 (0)64 1989577
fax:     + 382 (0)32 302521

The material displayed on the separate country pages has been prepared by:
Albanian Heritage Foundation
Bosnia and Herzegovina: CHwB Regional Office in Sarajevo
Kosovo: EC MA Ndryshe
Montenegro: EXPEDITIO and Notar
Serbia: Civic Association SUBURBIUM

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